Dr. Sidney Baltzer


Dr. Sidney Baltzer studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich, specializing in engineering fundamentals and thermo-fluid dynamics. After several years as a project manager at E.ON Energy Research Center in the fields of building and systems engineering, he joined the Institute for Automotive Engineering of RWTH Aachen University, where he was responsible for projects in cooperation with the automotive industry and for publicity funded research projects, in particular in the fields of energy and thermal management of electrified vehicles. He also did his PhD there. Furthermore, he is author and co-author of several publications in the fields of building and vehicle technology. Dr. Sidney Baltzer has been active in intellectual property since 2015.

Technical Focuses

Automotive Engineering, Vehicle Powertrains, Energy and Thermal Management of Vehicles, Building Energy and HVAC Systems, Building Technology, Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Mechatronics.

Practice Areas

In addition to providing clients with his expertise during the filing and prosecution of their technical intellectual property rights, Dr. Sidney Baltzer excels in the fields of prior art searches as well as infringement and invalidity proceedings. Furthermore, he is also experienced in the field of Trademark and Design Law.


German Patent Attorneys Bar Association